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Getting started

3 minute demo

Want to see Rush in action? The only prerequisite you need is NodeJS.

From your shell, install Rush like this:

$ npm install -g @microsoft/rush

(Don’t type the ”$” of course.) :-)

For command-line help, do this:

$ rush -h

To see Rush build some real projects, try running these commands:

$ git clone
$ cd rushstack

# Install the NPM packages:
# (If you don't have a GitHub email configured, add the "--bypass-policy" option.)
$ rush update

# Incremental install:
$ rush update  # <-- instantaneous!

# Force all projects to be rebuilt:
$ rush rebuild

# Incremental build:
$ rush build    # <-- instantaneous!

# Use "--verbose" to view the console logs for each project as it is built.
# Projects build in parallel processes, but their logs are collated.
$ rush rebuild --verbose

Let’s get started!

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