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rush add

usage: rush add [-h] -p PACKAGE [--exact] [--caret] [--dev] [-m] [-s] [--all]

Adds specified package(s) to the dependencies of the current project (as
determined by the current working directory) and then runs "rush update". If
no version is specified, a version will be automatically detected (typically
either the latest version or a version that won't break the
"ensureConsistentVersions" policy). If a version range (or a workspace range)
is specified, the latest version in the range will be used. The version will
be automatically prepended with a tilde, unless the "--exact" or "--caret"
flags are used. The "--make-consistent" flag can be used to update all
packages with the dependency.

Optional arguments:
-h, --help Show this help message and exit.
-p PACKAGE, --package PACKAGE
(Required) The name of the package which should be
added as a dependency. A SemVer version specifier can
be appended after an "@" sign. WARNING: Symbol
characters are usually interpreted by your shell, so
it's recommended to use quotes. For example, write
"rush add --package "example@^1.2.3"" instead of
"rush add --package example@^1.2.3". To add multiple
packages, write "rush add --package foo --package
--exact If specified, the SemVer specifier added to the
package.json will be an exact version (e.g. without
tilde or caret).
--caret If specified, the SemVer specifier added to the
package.json will be a prepended with a "caret"
specifier ("^").
--dev If specified, the package will be added to the
"devDependencies" section of the package.json
-m, --make-consistent
If specified, other packages with this dependency
will have their package.json files updated to use the
same version of the dependency.
-s, --skip-update If specified, the "rush update" command will not be
run after updating the package.json files.
--all If specified, the dependency will be added to all

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