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Rush: a scalable monorepo manager for the web

Rush makes life easier for JavaScript developers who build and publish many packages from a common Git repo. If you're looking to break up your giant application into smaller pieces, and you already realized why it doesn't work to put each package in a separate repo... then Rush is for you!

monorepo diagram
monorepo diagram

The Rush difference

These days many different tools can run "npm install" and "npm run build" in 20 different folders. What's so great about Rush?

Git repositories

Ready for large repos

Rush is built by professional engineers who maintain large production monorepos. Our job is to provide the best developer experience for our colleagues, not to convert you into a customer for a paid consulting or hosting service. The repositories we maintain contain hundreds of apps with many years of Git history. To manage this scale, Rush offers parallel builds, subset builds, incremental builds, and distributed builds.

large team

Designed for large teams

Rush provides many mechanisms for onboarding newcomers and coordinating collaboration between teams. Repo policies allow new package dependencies to be reviewed before they are accepted. Rush can enforce consistent dependency versions across your repo. Different subsets of projects can publish separately with lockstep or independent versioning strategies.

NPM phantom dependency

Reliable NPM installations

Rush's installation model leverages the PNPM package manager to eliminate the phantom dependencies and NPM doppelgangers that frustrate large scale installations. You can visualize and troubleshoot version conflicts using our Lockfile Explorer companion tool.

motorbike and tricycle

Easy to administer

When you maintain a large repo, you don't want developers opening support tickets that can't be reproduced on any other computer. Rush helps to ensure that installs and builds are completely deterministic. Even the Rush engine version is automatically installed according to your Git branch. If you define custom commands or options, they are strictly validated and documented as part of Rush's command-line help.

army knife

Turnkey solution

Tired of cobbling together your developer experience from multiple tools that never seem to integrate properly? Rush is a unified orchestrator that can install, link, build, generate change logs, publish, and bump versions. These features are designed to integrate with the broader Rush Stack suite of tools and practices.

free price tag

Open model

The Rush software is free and open source. Community contributions are welcome! We're also open-minded about your toolchain: In a Rush repo, each project folder remains fully self-contained, individually installable, and easy to relocate if needed. Relatively little effort is required to enable/disable Rush for a given set of projects.

Who's using Rush?

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