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* This configuration file manages the experimental "subspaces" feature for Rush,
* which allows multiple PNPM lockfiles to be used in a single Rush workspace.
* For full documentation, please see
"$schema": "",

* Set this flag to "true" to enable usage of subspaces.
"subspacesEnabled": false,

* (DEPRECATED) This is a temporary workaround for migrating from an earlier prototype
* of this feature:
* It allows subspaces with only one project to store their config files in the project folder.
"splitWorkspaceCompatibility": false,

* When a command such as "rush update" is invoked without the "--subspace" or "--to"
* parameters, Rush will install all subspaces. In a huge monorepo with numerous subspaces,
* this would be extremely slow. Set "preventSelectingAllSubspaces" to true to avoid this
* mistake by always requiring selection parameters for commands such as "rush update".
"preventSelectingAllSubspaces": false,

* The list of subspace names, which should be lowercase alphanumeric words separated by
* hyphens, for example "my-subspace". The corresponding config files will have paths
* such as "common/config/subspaces/my-subspace/package-lock.yaml".
"subspaceNames": []

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