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This is the template that rush init generates for .npmrc-publish:


# This config file is very similar to common/config/rush/.npmrc, except that .npmrc-publish
# is used by the "rush publish" command, as publishing often involves different credentials
# and registries than other operations.
# Before invoking the package manager, Rush will copy this file to "common/temp/publish-home/.npmrc"
# and then temporarily map that folder as the "home directory" for the current user account.
# This enables the same settings to apply for each project folder that gets published. The copied file
# will omit any config lines that reference environment variables that are undefined in that session;
# this avoids problems that would otherwise result due to a missing variable being replaced by
# an empty string.
# * * * SECURITY WARNING * * *
# It is NOT recommended to store authentication tokens in a text file on a lab machine, because
# other unrelated processes may be able to read the file. Also, the file may persist indefinitely,
# for example if the machine loses power. A safer practice is to pass the token via an
# environment variable, which can be referenced from .npmrc using ${} expansion. For example:

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