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Config file reference

Configuration files

File(s) What it does
rush.json The main configuration file for Rush
common/changes/… Storage for the rush change command
common/config/rush/.npmrc If you need custom settings for “npm install” (e.g. NPM registry mappings), put them in this file. Rush will copy this file into the common/temp/ folder.
common/config/rush/npm-shrinkwrap.json The shrinkwrap file when your package manager is NPM. This is the common shrinkwrap file that applies to all projects in the Rush repo. For more information, see “What is this “shrinkwrap file” in the Everyday commands section.
common/config/rush/shrinkwrap.yaml The shrinkwrap file when your package manager is PNPM.
common/config/rush/yarn.lock The shrinkwrap file when your package manager is Yarn.
common/config/rush/command-line.json Used to define custom commands.
common/config/rush/browser-approved-packages.json Used by the approvedPackagesPolicy setting from rush.json
common/config/rush/nonbrowser-approved-packages.json Used by the approvedPackagesPolicy setting from rush.json
common/config/rush/common-versions.json Used to specify versions that affect all projects in a repo.
common/config/rush/version-policies.json Controls how rush publish works.

Temporary files created by Rush

File(s) What it does
common/temp/install-run/… Storage for the install-run.js and install-run-rush.js scripts. See Enabling CI builds.
common/temp/node_modules/… The installed packages. This is a plain old npm install output, with no symlinks in this tree.
common/temp/npm-cache/… A local NPM cache will be created here. Rush does not use the global NPM cache due to its concurrency problems.
common/temp/npm-local/… Based on the npmVersion setting, Rush will install NPM in your home directory and create a symlink to it for each repo that requests it.
common/temp/npm-tmp/… Temporary files created by NPM during installation.
common/temp/projects/… Synthetic projects referenced by common/temp/package.json.
common/temp/rush-recycler/… Used to speed up recursive deletes.
common/temp/last-install.flag Don’t worry about this file. It tracks the timestamp of the last successful rush install.
common/temp/package.json The common package definition.
common/temp/rush-link.json Don’t worry about this file. It is created whenever you run rush link, and read by later commands such as “rush build”.