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When using the PNPM package manager, Rush relocates the PNPM workspace under the common/temp/ path. It also injects some configuration hooks to support Rush-specific enhancements such as preferred versions and faster incremental installation.

As a result, if you try to invoke the pnpm command directly in a Rush repo, it may fail because it cannot find the pnpm-workspace.yaml file. Some operations may malfunction if they are incompatible with Rush's enhancements.

To avoid these problems, use rush-pnpm in your Rush repo wherever you would normally use pnpm. The @microsoft/rush NPM package includes the rush-pnpm binary, which is a drop-in replacement for the pnpm command. It provides the following features:

  • sets up the correct context/environment so that PNPM commands work correctly
  • reports an error for operations that are known to be incompatible with Rush
  • reports a warning for operations that may be unsafe with Rush